P3 Engine Break-In Complete!

After some back and forth with the factory I was finally able to finish my engine break-in today.  My EGT’s were still running a little hot so I did two things; I started from scratch on the air screw and idle screw on the carburetor, and I CAREFULLY mixed 20:1 Amsoil in some premium auto fuel and replace the fuel that was in my tank with this new gas.  I may have been a little sloppy with my mixing before.  Sure enough, this time EGTs were down where they were supposed to be.  So…



So the next step is to let Ken, the local Six Chuter dealer take a look at it, rig the parachute, and probably let him do the first flight to make sure everything is copacetic.  There’s a possibility of me being able to go up to see Ken on Sunday, but if not then some time next week.  We just have to work around the winds.

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