Sunday Morning Flight

It’s been fairly windy in the valley lately but Sunday morning was forecast to be calm.  In hopes that the forecast would be correct I loaded up the trailer on Saturday evening for a quick getaway on Sunday morning.  As it turned out, the winds did cooperate and I was out the door at 6am for a 7am takeoff at New Jerusalem.

The take-off was as easy as last time.  It still amazes me how much easier a take off is on the PPC than it was on my PPG.  It’s much more airplane like in it’s flying qualities.  It’s easy to take off in an airplane, not so easy to land.  This is how the PPC is.  I’ve still got to work on my landings.  But… the flight was wonderful!

I took the opportunity of flying alone to just get a feel for the machine.  Just fly along and enjoy the warm wind.  It was warmer 500 feet above the ground than it was down on the ground.  I had to find something to do with my hands because I was so used to always having to hang on to the brake lines and throttle on the PPG.  So I busied myself taking pictures!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Flight

  1. Melanie V Hopkins

    So now I have to look up the difference between PPCs and PPGs because my memory did not retain that bit of information.



    1. PPG = Powered Paraglider. You hold the throttle in your hand and also steer with your hands to fly it. The wing is more tapered and more maneuverable.
      PPC = Powered Parachute. You have a traditional aircraft throttle mounted next to the seat and you steer with your feet to fly it. You’re hands are free to take pictures and make sandwiches. Slightly less maneuverable and more stable in the air. In my opinion.

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