P3 Lite Carb Tuning Continues

I took the test flight I wrote about in the last article.  I had moved the needle clip to the top-most position on the needle, effectively leaning the mixture.  The resulted in PERFECT throttle response.  However, it also resulted in much higher engine temperatures.

No bueno.

I spoke to the folks at Six Chuter again and they are going to send me a different needle for my carburetor.   They are also going to send me some new pitch blocks for my propeller.    They believe the prop may not be allowing the engine to turn as fast as it should.  I’m only getting about 6100 RPM static.  They believe it should be closer to 6500.  I’ll be trying the new spacers which will allow the prop to spin faster.  This will cause the engine to work less hard to spin the prop as well.  I’ll do another test flight once the spacers come in.  If the spacers don’t correct the heating problem then I’ll try the new carburetor jet needle.

Six Chuter has been very responsive and I appreciate the factory support I’m getting.  Great company!

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