I Think We’re About There

So the last two weeks there has been little in the way of flying and a lot in the way of carburetor tuning.  We’ve been tweaking jet needle settings and even replacing jet needles but the one change that seems to have worked wonders is repitching the prop.   Six Chuter sent me two more sets of prop blocks to repitch my prop.

The blocks are basically triangular blocks of carbon fiber, similar in appears to a door stop – sort of shaped like a right triangle.  The long edge is precisely set at a particular angle.  You wedge the prop between two of these blocks and then place it in the propeller hub and that sets your blade angle.

The current spacers I have are set at 12 degrees.  I tried the 11 degree blocks but that didn’t seem to make any difference.  When I put the 10 degree blocks in I got much better RPMs and cooler temperatures, so much so that I put my original jet needle back in and back at it’s original setting.  I’ll try a test flight on Saturday morning and we’ll see how it it works out.

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