Life 3.0

Life 1.0 was pre-marriage.  Being born, growing up, going to school and college.  Life 2.0 was entering the workforce, marrying Cristy, buying a home, adjusting to each other.  Then came 2.1 and 2.2, my son and daughter.  Now that they have both more or less moved out we come to Life 3.0.  Empty nesters.

Should I feel guilty that I feel excited for my kids?  I’m excited they get to start experiencing the world on their own.  I think of all the adventures I had when I was my kids’ age and I can’t wait for them to begin their own.  I’m excited for them.

And I’m excited for Cristy and I.  We can start making plans for just ourselves again.  I love my children and I will always want them in my life.  But I love the life that Cristy and I can lead together now too.  And I can’t wait.

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