4 Minus 1 Equals 3

Last week when I was talking to the owner of Jay Bird Engines, the maker of my P3 Lite’s engine, they mentioned that they don’t really have data on 4 bladed props matched up with their engines.  All the engines they shipped out for Six Chuter P3 Lites were matched up with three bladed props.  So I called Ultra Props, the maker of my propeller and ordered a three blade hub.   My blades would fit into it as the hubs are universally machined for any number of blades and blade angles.  It arrived today and I installed three of the blades from my four bladed hub into the three blade hub. I used the 12 degree spacers as this is what Jay Bird indicated I should use.  It’s now mounted on the engine and waiting for a test run and flight this weekend if the weather holds.


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