Quick Flight Before Church

I took a quick flight this past Sunday before heading off to church.  Weather was good if not chilly: 38 degrees F and 2-3 MPH crosswind from the right.  Otherwise wonderful flying conditions.  Thanks to some tips from a local group of PPC pilots I’m finally learning how to land!

Sorry for the low audio at the end.  What I basically said is that I’d like to thank J Bird Aviation and Six Chuter International for their amazing customer service.  They’ve been calm and helpful even when I wasn’t.  It’s a good machine and now I just need to learn to fly and enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Quick Flight Before Church

  1. Martin Pohl-Imfeld

    Dear Scott,

    It is always very nice to read your posts and see some video footage of your flights (at New Jerusalem?). I miss my flying in California. Since I stopped working for Lufthansa 2 years ago (now working as aircraft accident investigator in Switzerland) I don’t get the chance to fly to KSFO anymore … and so, no more Cessna C140 flying to places like Mercey Hot Springs or Monterey Bay. But I am very glad that you pointed me to these fantastic airstrips some years ago through a blog at backcountrypilots.org!!!

    Keep up your flying and blogging; and I hope to see you some day in real life!

    I don’t have a newsletter, but also post regularly on my own homepage: http://www.pohltec.ch/Index.html —> go to newest update

    Kind regards Martin

    Martin Pohl-Imfeld Blumenbergstrasse 7 CH-8634 Hombrechtikon Switzerland

    phone +41 (0)55 240 28 16 mobile +41 (0)79 670 72 81 email mpohl@pohltec.ch


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