Merced River Trail

Today I took Cristy up to Mariposa, Ca and the Merced River Trail.  Mariposa is a small town on Highway 140 on the way to Yosemite from Merced.  The Merced River Trail is a section of decommissioned railroad.

The Merced River Trail is an ungroomed, mostly dirt trail that follows the unshaded banks of the Merced River within the Merced River Recreation Area. Ideal for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking, the trail offers many stunning overlooks and great natural scenery. – From Trail Link

Prior to hiking the MRT we decided to stop in Mariposa for lunch.  We stopped off at High Country Health Foods & Cafe.  They’ve got a great selection of organic fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods and also a great cafe.  They have gluten-free and dairy-free options for breakfast and lunch.  Cristy had a salad and I had a sandwich, both were delicious.


Afterwards we continued on up Highway 140 until we reached Briceburg.  We turned off and crossed the one lane bridge over the Merced River.  We drove about 6 or 7 miles down a one lane dirt road with beautiful views of the Merced River and the myriad of wildflowers in full bloom.


We finally arrived at the Merced River Trail trailhead and started walking down the trail.  For about a mile it looked just like the road we had been driving on.  But soon we to the trail itself and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon’s hike along the river.  This is one of the most peaceful and scenic afternoons we’ve spent in quite a while and it left both of us feeling rejuvenated.  There really isn’t much else to tell so I will just leave you with some photos of the hike.

If you made it this far… here’s a bonus video too.


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