Light Stuff

Had a wonderful flight this morning out at New Jerusalem.  Jeff Erck showed up flying his foot launch PPG as well as Terry Strahl who is interested in getting into foot launch PPG.  I took a short flight before work started lighting up my phone.  It wasn’t an emergency but I figured I better land before it became one.  I came around and landed after a short flight and made a great landing.  I decided I needed to do two more like that before I put it away.  I went around the pattern and made another great landing.  Third time around the landing was smooth but I popped a wheelie after I touched down.  Oh well, still good.  I taxied back to my truck to practice kiting and then shut it down.  MUCH better than my last flight.  No photos or videos because I was living in the moment.

In other news Just Aircraft as debuted a new Part 103 legal aircraft.  Just is famous for their Highlander and Super-STOL line of aircraft.  They have a new bird out called the Just 103.  It is basically just wings, a seat, and an engine but it looks very promising.  I’m keeping my eye on this one.  More info here:

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