Trip To Hardin – Day 1

Hardin?  Where’s Hardin?  It’s in Missouri just east of Kansas City.  I can’t tell you much about it other than that is where my mother is buried.  I’ve never been to her grave.  This is my trip to visit her.

The trip down Highway 99 was mostly uneventful aside from the detour our GPS took us on to avoid a major slowdown in Madera.  We stopped for gas at Murray Farm in Bakersfield and then made the long, not-so-slow slog up the Tehachapi grade into the high desert.  My truck did much better than I thought it would.

Murray Family Farm

Our first day’s travel brought us from our home in Modesto, CA to Mohave, CA just east of Tehachapi in the high desert.  We’re staying at Sierra Trails RV Park.  It’s a tiny, kind of cramped park but the folks that run it are super nice.  They helped me back in to the tight spot they assigned me.  I’m looking at some of the bigger rigs and just scratching my head trying to figure out how they shoehorned into their spots.   I guess the ol’ guy that helped me back in helped them back in as well.  Just has he’s helping my neighbor back in now.

After getting set up we took a nap, watched Bosch on Amazon Prime, ate dinner, and took a walk.  Tomorrow is a rest day.  We’ll watch our church service in the morning, see what there is to do in Mohave, and basically just chill.

See you tomorrow.

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