Trip To Hardin – Day 2

On our second day we had two missions: go hiking, and buy food.  In that order.  To satisfy the “go hiking part of it we drove about 15 miles north to Red Rock Canyon State Park.  This is originally where I was going to camp but since I wasn’t sure about availability on a weekend I decided to cancel and stay at Sierra Trails RV Park which you already know.

Red Rock Canyon was a filming location for many of the old movie and TV westerns were filmed.  More than a couple of Sci-Fi movies as well due to the “otherworldly terrain.”

We hiked up a short hill along a “nature trail”, meaning, “easy trail for beginners.”  But it’s all we really wanted to do that morning.  I hadn’t ate yet and Cristy was still getting used to the overly dry, high desert air.


Afterwards we drove to their visitor’s center and browsed the small museum and exhibits.  A video was looping of Hewel Hauser interviewing a park ranger about Red Rock Canyon.  They had a few bones and pelts on display, had a few books for sale, hats and T shirts for the overseas tourists.  Interesting nonetheless.

Then we drove up into Rosamond to buy some groceries for dinner and stopped and got a burger in Mohave on the way back to the RV park.  The rest of the day we just napped, watched Bosch, and just basically relaxed.  We also prepped for our second travel day that would take us to Mohave Valley, Arizona.

What we didn’t know at the time was, we would never make it to Mohave Valley…


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