Trip to Hardin – Day 9

Longmire Tour

Well after a crazy travel day we decided to rest a little on this Sunday.  Our only plan was to drive back into Las Vegas to buy some groceries, get some gas, and check out some of the Longmire filming locations there in town.

We found Plaza Park which is where the “Absaroka County Sheriff” from Longmire was.  They still have the name on the door.  Note that we are in Las Vegas, New Mexico, not Durant, Wyoming.


The building is fronted with shops and city offices upstairs.


Other interesting facts about Las Vegas, NM, it was a major stop on the Santa Fe Trail.  In fact, one of the last stops.  Santa Fe is just over the mountains from Las Vegas.

Afterwards we drove to a nearby WalMart Supercenter to do some grocery shopping.  Beforehand we listened to our church, Big Valley Grace, online on my phone.  My daughter prays piano in the praise band so it was nice to see her as well.

After we went shopping we stopped at K-Bob’s Steakhouse for lunch.  There isn’t a lot else in Las Vegas aside from Mexican restaurants or steakhouses.  As it was the food was pretty good.  Cristy got grilled salmon over rice and I got a bacon cheddar burger.  Let’s just say I didn’t need to eat dinner that night.  Then we headed back.

That was pretty much the extent of our day other than some star gazing that night.  Couldn’t get a picture of the stars but trust me, on a moonless night you can see just about every star in the sky from here.  Pendaries RV Resort is a great place to come get away from it all.  If you’re ever near Las Vegas, NM I highly recommend it.


3 thoughts on “Trip to Hardin – Day 9

  1. Melanie Hopkins

    I wish I could order salmon but I know I’d be looking for something really touristy. Good for you Cristy!

    Did the campground have many guests? Your spot looks private. 👍

    1. We got here on Sunday so everybody was pretty much clearing out. It’s a very private spot now. at this moment we’re just sitting in our lounge chairs under the pine trees listening to the wind blow through them. That’s pretty much the only sound we hear..

  2. Cristy

    Such a nice campsite that gets dark at night. The only time we got to see the Milky Way without obstruction. Amazing, even with my diminished vision.

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