Voting Irregularities

The makers of voting machines used in much of the USA, Dominion and Smartmatic have consitently claimed that their machines do not connect to the Internet. BLXWare and 3Net Labs have proven differently. Take a look at this web page which shows Internet traffic between voting aggregation machines in various parts of the USA and the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Voting Irregularities

  1. Melanie

    I subscribe to a YouTube channel R&R Law Group, wherein a lawyer goes through legal documents of cases in the news. He closely followed the election fallout and all of the litigation that came with it. One video included the Georgia State Legislature hearings. One in particular highlighted an expert with hundreds of patents for his software. He testified that he could trace a piece of paper to it’s origin. Where it was made. If the person involved in it’s manufacturer was a smoker. How many times the paper was manipulated (folded, printed, mailed, etc) from it’s creation through the entire voter process. He was articulate and so much more knowledgeable than anyone in attendance and he dumbed it down as much as possible to make it easy for these elected officials to understand.

    After his lengthy testimony, another witness testified and it was getting close to the end of a long day. The hearing participants were ready to call it a day. One state representative who had left the room for a few minutes returned and asked if they could recall the man who testified extensively on forensics, which included paper manufacture. It was allowed, but they asked him to keep it short. The witness simply stated, using one of my apps, I just hacked into your active voting system and was able to watch voting activity in real time.

    Only ONE of these elected officials seemed interested. Then they said, okay, thanks for coming in today. Bye-bye. The lawyer who was showing this on his YouTube channel was mystified that they showed so little interest in what this man just said. He just hacked into their voting system and they aren’t curious?!?

    If you are interested, here’s the video:

    The expert’s name is Johan Pulitzer:

    Other blogs about this very credible witness:

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