A Day At The Races

Just spent the day in San Francisco with my wife and kids. We went to see the finals of the Red Bull Air Races and the Blue Angels. I see all kinds of flight demonstration teams but there is just something special about the Blue Angels. You just feel it when you see them fly. Anyway the Red Bull races were pretty cool. The contestants have to fly around an obstacle course, between some inflatable pylons, at over 200 MPH. They also have some mandatory aerobatics to perform. These races really push the limits of man and machine. They are just a hoot to watch.

I’ve never seen Aquatic Park so packed full of people. I didn’t think that many people in San Francisco really liked the military all that much. It just really touched me to see the parade of ships and all the young sailors. It really gives me hope for tomorrow.

Thank goodness it was chilly. Kept the ladies (and the not-so-lady-like) pretty much covered up for the day. Finally didn’t have to guard my eyes so much today.

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