God wins again

Holy Father,
I admit I am a sinner. I admit that there was no way I could save myself. I admit that it was only by your sovereign grace that I was saved. More to the point, I admit you chose me long before I chose you. My will is crushed and broken, let yours prevail. Your will is perfect. The fight in me is gone. Let me accept with humility your gentle reproach and instruction. Let me join now with like-minded and wiser souls than I into your church. I am your willing subject. Now take me and make me into the man you would have me be.

I make this confession publicly in the hopes that seeing my faith, which was planned by you before the creation of all things, that someone else’s faith may be solidified. I make this confession and plea to please no one but you Holy Father. It is in the holy and precious name of your beloved and perfect son, Jesus Christ, who died for my sins, and for the sins of believers everywhere, that I pray.

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