Casa Grande, AZ (KCGZ)



I flew to Casa Grande (KCGZ) in 2004 in lieu of going to Oshkosh. I flew to Casa Grande for the Copperstate EAA Regional Fly-In.  This is a very low-key informal event.  A great place to fly if you want to see some nice planes without all the crowds.  I stayed at a hotel in town.  Copperstate has arranged for a local Christian outreach ministry to provide transportation for a nominal fee which goes to pay for gas and not much more.  They make the 10 mile or so run between the airport and town all day long.  The fly-in was okay but I really fell in love with the town.  At around sunset I just started walking to find dinner.  I saw some beautiful old mud-brick architecture.  The town itself was very clean.  I finally stopped at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican food place.  I ate my tomales on a tremendous picnic table under yellow bug lights in the warm Arizona evening air.  It was really nice.  Even if you aren’t going to Copperstate be sure to stop in at Casa Grande some time and explore the town.

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