Phase I Flying–15.0 hours

Flew 1.4 hours this morning.  The weather is changing (again) so it was pretty bumpy.  Flew over the Oakdale Rodeo Parade and then around the area.  Practiced a few take-offs and landings back at Oakdale.  Decided that this morning’s fun was getting to be too much work so called it a day.

2 thoughts on “Phase I Flying–15.0 hours

  1. Ken Heald

    Did you figure out your voltage issue? I just replaced my Ducati voltage regulator rectifier with a new one. After less than 12 hours it seems to have failed, something not too uncommon by the posts I’ve read.

  2. svanarts

    Yes I did. I replaced the voltage regulator, just like you. Luckily I found a discounted one on eBay, not much of a discount but cheaper than retail. This one seems to be working fine.

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