Phase 1 Flight Testing–16.5 hours

I had the day off of work so I decided to do more test flying.  What else?  Today’s flight went very well.  The only squawk is that my battery went dead again in flight.  This causes me to lose my tachometer and therefore I can’t do some portions of my testing.  So because of the dead battery I had to head back early.

I did do some stall testing today.  The results of which tell me I need to check out my airspeed indicator.  The results are, VS0 = 38 MPH, and VS1 = 50 MPH.  ??!  That’s a huge differential and means my airspeed indicator is not accurate at higher airspeeds.  But then I already knew that, this just confirms it.

By the way, for my non-airplane friends, VS0 is the stall speed of the airplane with full flaps, VS1 is the stall speed of the airplane without flaps.

I also took this opportunity to finish spraying a polyurethane UV blocker on my wings.  This will help them last longer.  That took most of the day but now my wings are water tight and protected from the sun.

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