GoPro Hero3 Camera

I just purchased a GoPro Hero3 camera recently.  I’ve played with taking a few videos but haven’t really done much with it yet.  I also got a neutral density filter to try to get rid of the jelly prop effect.  I’m hoping the weather will be good enough tomorrow to try it out.  Here is a movie I shot with a borrowed GoPro camera:

12 thoughts on “GoPro Hero3 Camera

  1. Enjoyed the video………where’s Pleasant Valley? I tried to place it but couldn’t. I see you have a video on the Red Hills Strip too. If you haven’t stopped in, do so. Jack and Myrna Moyle are the owners and are very nice people. I’ve known them for 40 years……..make sure you tell them hello for me.

  2. I think you mean Paradise Flat. It’s on the edge of Henry M Cowe state park. Due east of Mt. Hamilton. I’ve actually been to Moyle’s strip many times. They are really nice people. Will they know which Brian said hello if I just say “Brian says hello?” 🙂

  3. Brian

    Oh, Paradise Flat, ya, I’ve been in there, there’s actually, or use to be 3 different strips up in that area. I’m sure Jack and Myrna will know who you’re talking about if you say just “Brian”, but you can use my last name too.

  4. Do I know your last name? 🙂

    There is another strip down toward San Luis that is up on top of a hill that’s called Hoover, I think. It’s got trees growing on it last I saw. Might be enough room to squeeze in. There is also that big strip with the big house next to it. I’ve heard he’ll make you truck it out if you land there. There is also a private strip that’s X’d off in the San Antone Valley that I’ll be going into one of these days. The owner has contacted me and told me I can fly in as long as he shows me the desired approach first.

    You don’t happen to know who owns Peoria or Hermitage do you?

  5. Brian

    Cleveland is the last name. Hermitage, that’s the one next to PML ? No, I have no idea who owns it. I’ve been in there a few times, but it was years ago. The owner back then had a Mooney. I use to go in there with a Skylane to pick up USFS peraonel, we had permission..that was before PML was there. Peoria, I have no idea who owns that. When they first put that strip in, somebody use to go in there with a Beech 18, someone told me it was the owner. Use to land on a dirt road that ran along a little creek just northwest of that strip. There’s also a strip east of PML and north of the hiway that goes to Yosemite? It’s on the road that goes to Cherry Valley. I can’t remember the owners name, but I met them a couple of years ago at the air races. They have a homebuilt helicopter get together every year there. That area in the coast range north of San Luis Res has several strips.. I think the one you’re taling about with the trees, does it run basiclaly north and south on top of a ridge, it’s about the last ridge you pass before getting into the valley where Gilroy is? If it’s the same strip, there was a wrecked C-150 that sat up there for years and years…….wasn’t much left of it. The strip where the house is, that you mentioned where the owner would require you to truck your plane out. I never stopped there, but did roll my wheels on it a few times. I never stopped. On new strips with houses, I’d circle around till someone came out……..and if they didn’t wave me down, I wouldn’t land……..if no one came out……..I’d either fly on or just roll my wheels. I got ran out of two different places over the years, so became a little more cautious.

  6. Oh THAT Brian. Are you still flying? I thought you gave that up for some reason. Yeah, you took me in to Moyle’s strip the first time. Yeah, Hoover is probably the one that had the wrecked 150 on it.

    A little further afield is Mercey Hot Springs. The runway has an X but I’ve verified the owner welcomes airplanes. We’ve also got permission to land at the Totem Pole strips near Nervino but that’s kind of a trip. That’s where the image at the top of the web page was taken.

    There are also a bunch of fun strips near Lake Beryessa. If you check the Backcountry link at the top of the page I’ve got all the strips I know about there. The pins with dots are where I’ve landed.

  7. Brian

    When I met the owners, they invited me in anytime……but to be honest with you, I don’t remember if that was open to everyone. The only flying I do, is in Northerns Skylane. I go out with him a couple of times a year, that’s about it. I’dl ike to find someone with a J-3 that would like a partner….but so far, haven’t found anyone. I have a motorhome and spend time travelling when I’m off work. I plan on retiring in the fall…….can’t wait.

  8. Cool! Well there’s bunches of places a Skylane can land anyway. I belong to A bunch of guys with Super Cubs with big tires, Maules, etc. And the odd Rans, like me. My favorite member is a guy who owns a red Mooney. All the guys with big tires land on these dirt strips and about the time they are high-fiving each other, the Mooney comes in and lands. The guy jumps out and yells “this is awesome!” Heh. Love the looks on the faces of the big tire set. 🙂 Know thy airplane.

  9. Brian

    Last year at the Air Races I stopped by a guys hangar that had a Super cub and talked to him. Don’t remember his name, but he knew.

    1. Brian

      Last year at the Air Races I stopped by a guys hangar at Stead that had a Super Cub and talked to him. Don’t remember his name, but he knew you. I think he had gone on some flights around the Truckee area with you.

      1. Yeah, he’s probably part of the group. There were several supercubs at that flyout so could be anyone. Those guys do things from the outright amazing to the outright dangerous. I do the safe chicken stuff. Easier on the airplane and easier on my wife. By the way, we’re going to have a fly-in at Moyle’s strip, probably in May. Should be some nice cub showing up. I’m going to try to go to Jack’s Easer shindig and work out the details with him. When I was there a few weeks ago he really liked the idea.

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