Mercey Hot Springs

Took a ride down to Mercey Hot Springs today.  It’s located in the valley just below and to the west of the Panoche VOR (PXN).  They have a year round heated pool and many soak tubs.  It’s about 1 hour flight time from Oakdale (O27).  There is an 1800 foot dirt runway on the east side of the hot springs complex.  It is X’d off but pilots are welcome to land there.  The X’s are to pacify the county.   I was happy to find out that the owner didn’t even hear me come in and land.  It’s a very peaceful area and I like to do my part to keep it that way.  I spent about 2 hours soaking in the aromatic geothermally heated water.  Listened to the birds and the breeze in the trees.







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