Trailer Latch Repair



I bought a small, walk-on trailer from Tractor Supply Company to transport my PPG Trike without having to take it apart.    For the most part it’s been a pretty good little trailer, always following me where ever I go.  Just like a little puppy dog.  Anyway, yesterday as I was lowering the ramp to offload my trike, one of the latch pins just snapped in half!  It broke where a roll pin was inserted to retain the spring that retains the pin.

Well, that didn’t stop my from flying yesterday but I had to Gerry-rig the ramp to make sure it didn’t snap the other latch pin and fall on my trike or on the highway.  Today I made the repair.  I found out they call these cane bolts at the hardware store.  I found a long one that is used as a door latch.  I cut it to length and drilled a new hole for the roll pin.  After putting it all back together it looks like it came with the trailer!

For future reference, here is the part I used to make the repair…


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