Sunday Evening Flight

After the rain and wind of earlier in the week this weekend was calm and warm.  I got to fly yesterday morning and gave the guys in my EAA chapter a chance to see how my new machine works and shoot some video.  I don’t have that yet but you can bet I’ll post it when I get it.  Sunday afternoon was even calmer than Saturday morning so I loaded the trike on my trailer and high tailed it to Oakdale Airport.

I set up on the taxiway because there was no one on the airport but the caretaker and me.  After about a 100 foot ground roll I was up into the silky smooth air.  I kept the flight short because I had other things on my mind.  I had recevied some bad new just as I was pulling into the airport and it detracted a little from the flight.  Still I tried to enjoy myself as much as I could before heading back to the airport.  It was a short flight but it was beautiful.  I enjoyed it.

Here is the ground track of my flight.

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